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"Own your faith, find your place, and help others do the same.”
-Pastor Floyd

By Our Love

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We are coming alongside an orphanage in Anapra, Mexico (a colonia outside of Juarez). The orphanage is Rivers of Mercy. Please see the Student One Sheet for more detailed information about how to sponsor a student and if you do decide to sponsor a student please email: ByOurLove@soulrio.com and let us know which student you would like to sponsor and for what amount

The children at Rivers of Mercy attend elementary school on site at the elementary school that Rivers of Mercy opened and runs. They do not have a middle or high school. To prevent the children from having to go into the public school system in Juarez we are raising money to send them to private christian schools. Private Christian Schooling is costly, and we understand that it’s a big request to cover a student in entirety.

Here are some ideas on how you can contribute. Every donation is a blessing to these children!

    Ways to contribute:
  • Commit to sponsoring a student in entirety for a full year
  • Partner with another family to sponsor a student
  • Partner with your RioLink to sponsor a student
  • Donate the cost of a registration fee or to cover the Materials/Uniforms
  • Donate the cost of the Annual Tuition
  • Commit to a monthly donation of ANY amount to the ROM School Fund
  • Make a one-time donation of ANY amount to the ROM School Fund
*All ROM donations that do not cover a specific need will be collected into a general fund to offset any shortages.
**Every single dollar will be used to fund these children’s education!