• Worship Service: Sunday at 10:00am

Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry Breakfast - Last Saturday of Month @ 7:30 a.m.

The SoulRio Men’s Ministry is based on the foundations the Apostle Paul set out in the book of Ephesians, to put on the Full Armor of God. In this spirit, the men of SoulRio come together to encourage and build up one another so we can stand firm in our beliefs in the face of temptation.

This fellowship as Men, Fathers, Husbands, and Christians binds us together to help one another strive to overcome the many diverse and challenging temptations we are faced with in the world today. A culture of encouragement and accountability runs prevalent throughout our gatherings and serves to help us overcome the struggles that we all face. Paul also calls men to be leaders of their families, so much that we would give our lives for our families. The Men’s Ministry serves as a reminder of our ministry to our families as we help each other become better fathers, husbands, friends, and ultimately, better men. For more information, contact the office at 505.792.8737 or via our contact page.

Note: Men’s breakfast does not take place in November or December.